London, Oct 2023

Collaborators: Hikaru Osaga, Alex Clark
Gizmo - Cyberphysical Systems

Gizmo is an IDE 1  project blending physical computing and mechatronics. 

Our project explores the synergy between human gestures, advanced robotics, and artificial intelligence to produce harmonious melodies through a custom-designed conductive capacitor keyboard.
unmute for sound

Key Features:

  1. Gesture Recognition: Wekinator for gesture recognition and mapping to musical parameters. 
  2. Robotic Arm Precision: The robotic arm is engineered for precision and dexterity, ensuring accurate translation of hand gestures into keystrokes on the conductive capacitor keyboard. 
  3. Conductive Capacitor Keyboard: The custom-designed keyboard features conductive capacitive sensors for each key, providing a touch-sensitive surface. This innovative design allows the robotic arm to interact with the keys in a manner that mimics the finesse and sensitivity of a human musician. It also allows for humans to join in and use the keys as well. 
  4. Real-time Musical Output: The project focuses on delivering a real-time musical experience, where the robotic arm's movements and key presses seamlessly synchronize to produce a captivating and responsive musical performance.

Impact: This project aims to redefine the boundaries between technology and art, providing a captivating demonstration of how robotics and AI can be harnessed to create immersive and interactive musical experiences. Beyond its entertainment value, the project serves as an exploration into the potential of human-robot interaction in the realm of creative expression.