London, 2022

The REVULVA project is a bold departure from conventional packaging for period products, challenging gendered norms and transcending stereotypical aesthetics. Breaking free from soft colors, floral patterns, and butterflies, REVULVA embraces a design language inspired by qualities typically associated with masculinity, featuring vivid colors, metal and leather finishes, and forms reminiscent of revolvers.

Key Features:
  1. Vivid Color Palette: REVULVA rejects subdued tones in favor of a vibrant and dynamic color palette. Bold hues such as deep indigo, fiery red, and electric blue replace the pastels, creating a visual identity that challenges traditional expectations associated with period product packaging.
  2. Metal and Leather Finishes: Departing from the conventional soft and matte textures, REVULVA introduces a sense of toughness and durability through metal and leather finishes. These materials not only convey strength but also challenge the perception of fragility often tied to menstruation.
  3. Revolver-Inspired Forms: The packaging design draws inspiration from the sleek and powerful form of a revolver. Angular shapes, dynamic lines, and strong silhouettes evoke a sense of confidence and empowerment, departing from the traditionally curvier and more delicate designs associated with feminine products.
  4. Bold Typography: Minimalist yet impactful typography takes center stage in REVULVA's branding. The strong and clear lettering contributes to a contemporary aesthetic, emphasizing the project's commitment to a gender-neutral and assertive design language.

REVULVA is not merely a packaging redesign; it's a powerful statement challenging societal norms. By embracing a more masculine aesthetic, this project strives to dismantle stigmas associated with periods, fostering inclusivity and empowerment. REVULVA aspires to spark conversations, inspire confidence, and redefine the entire experience of purchasing and using period products.